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The Adventure Begins

Hi! I’m Marta Randall, a writer, teacher, and paralegal, moving to the Big Island of Hawaii in mid-February. I’m making this move alone, which is not quite what had been planned but adventures are like that, or they wouldn’t be adventures, would they?

I have heard Ocean View,  where I’ll be living, compared to the Wild West: a drive through its rigorously straight streets reinforces the image. Not the streets per se, but the fact that people are living on these one-acre lots in everything from impressive mansions with manicured grounds, to collections of decrepit school buses and lava tubes. Most of Ocean View is laid out over lava flows from the 1907 eruption, but the island is inexorably moving away from the hot spot that created the entire chain and so I rest in the (probably deluded) conviction that the eruptions will continue east and north of me, and I will not have to tuck the dog under one arm and the cat under the other, and hot-foot it down to the Belt Road.

I have some family nearby (my tremendous sister and her stalwart partner) and am looking forward to the rest of my life with  considerable eagerness. Come share the adventure as I learn how to garden on rock, fix my own catchment tank and septic system, and figure out how to make the lights outside the garage work. At the very least we should have a tremendously funny time.