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Waiting for Jacko.

Up to Kailua (againmarta & jack) today to straighten out the confusion with HELCO, and do some shopping. It’s a 100-mile round trip, so best to stack up the errands. This time my needs were minimal, but I was lured into the pet aisle and ended up buying a litter box and litter and dry food and a case of wet food and a dry food bowl and a wet food bowl and a water bowl, and I miss my cat so damned much I could howl.

Pretty Poppy is staying with The Respondent. I miss her, but she’s happy with him and there are lots of dogs on the island in need of a good home. I’m in no hurry, though. I just want my cat.

Rainbows on everything.

License plate

The rainbow is the official symbol of Hawai’i, and here it is on my brand new license plates. I like the ZAZ part — the last California plate I had included the letters VAK, which always made me think of a vacuum cleaner. Yesterday I spent three hours at the motor vehicle department, registering the car and getting new plates, but also getting a Hawai’ian driver’s license and registering to vote. I am now, officially, a citizen of the Great State of Hawai’i, and pleased to be so.

About the “Aloha State” motto: just as the word “shalom” means a number of things, the word “aloha” can mean a tremendous number of things, depending on usage: love, affection, and the object of those emotions; compassion, mercy, sympathy, pity, kindness, sentiment, grace, charity, kind, compassionate charitable, to show kindness, pity. Hawai’ians refer to the Spirit of Aloha, meaning a spirit of courtesy, sharing, and mutual respect. (A footnote: my sister’s partner, Burny, slowed his truck down to let someone merge ahead of him, but the other driver (probably a tourist) just froze. “Not ready to accept,” Burny said, shaking his head, “the Spirit of Aloha.”)

Even used as a greeting, Aloha has shades of meaning:

~ Aloha ʻoe, may you be loved or greeted, greetings (to one person).
~ Aloha kāua, may there be friendship or love between us, greetings (to one person); ~ ~ ~ Aloha kākou, same as above, but to more than one person.
~ Ke aloha nō! Aloha! Greetings! (The nō may be prolonged for emphasis.)

Here’s an interesting essay on The Deeper Meaning of Aloha if you want to read more about it.

My container arrived today!

Container!Isn’t it just about the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen? It will be even lovelier when it’s empty, and I’ll wave goodbye to it on Monday.

My books! My bookcases! My artwork! My music! My comfortable furniture! My dining table! My clothes! My cat tree! My beautiful Pfaff and my quilting fabrics and thread and rotary cutter and cutting mat and ribbons and quilt pattern books! My towels! My sheets! My STUFF!

I feel as though I’ve been camping out for the past two and a half weeks, even though I have a comfortable bed and a good computer desk and some wooden chairs on loan from my sister, but I am so excited about My Stuff that I think I’ll need some help sleeping tonight — especially since the unloading crew is showing up at seven tomorrow morning!

Heavens. I think I’ve use up my month’s allotment of exclamation marks in a single post.

A satisfactory day

All in all, quite a satisfactory day. Woke betimes, broke my fast, and put in a solid 4+ hours of office work online, ending with a long telephone conversation with my supervising attorney, during which many things were discussed and many actions advanced.

Then lunch, then a bit of sister-time, then I used my current favorite present-to-myself:

Power drill

I have been faunching after one of these for years, but was always put off by “now, now, little girl, you don’t need a light-weight power drill, you can use my 85-pound model.” The hell I could, So I bought myself one and this afternoon, I installed a closet rod all by myself! Not the loveliest installation known to god or man, but by damn it holds the clothes off the floor in a very satisfactory way. Next week, I’ll put in another one on the other side of the closet. Also, finally got a street number sign up: bought the number decals and with some help from Peg and Burny, I am now legally identified as per HOVE regulations.

And a couple of hours on the lanai, swinging in the Sky Chair reading. For dinner, cheese and spinach ravioli in a marinara sauce, and a nice glass of wine.

Am I good? Oh yes, damn good.

home, home on the moon

The flight in was a long five and a half hours from Oakland to Kailua Kona, made a little faster by watching The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (Judi Dench and Maggie Smith — what’s not to like?) Predictably, I loved it. Retired old pharts headed off to exotic locations made me wish, almost, that I was headed for India rather than to a mountainside in exotic Hawaii. My sister soon changed that. Lobster for dinner! Num!

Island time has apparently affected my car and my stuff, though. The car was supposed to be available yesterday, then today, and is now promised for tomorrow. So instead of driving back up to Kailua-Kona to get the car and collect the insurance cards, I spent the day putting furniture together and organizing stuff. You know how you can tell that at some point a guy has been in residence? Five junk drawers – now organized down to one. We’ll see how long I can resist the urge to fill drawers with junk myself.

My stuff, originally scheduled to arrive on the 25th, is probably showing up the first weekend in March, instead. Luckily, over the past three years I have managed to accumulate what I need to survive here, and my sister has loaned me a t.v. so that I can veg out.

The weather pattern seems typical for this time of year and this part of the island. Beautiful, sunny mornings filled with birdsong, windy at mid-day and clouding up, and now grey with occasional small rains. It smells like water and rocks, and I love it.

I’d be lying, though, if I didn’t report that now that the rush of planning, packing, and leaving is over, this relative inactivity doesn’t feel a bit daunting. I miss my pets. But I’m looking forward to starting work on Monday.