Side-effects city, part 1.


Spoke too soon and jinxed it. By bedtime I had sores on my tongue and the rest of my mouth was in the process of going south on me. Woke up feeling pretty good this morning and drove myself to radiation, but by the time I got back home I called Peg and asked for a ride into town in the afternoon to visit the ENT guy (all is well there – Burny drove me and fed me a drink called Alo, of which I can become quite fond). Everything tastes like dirt, and what doesn’t taste like dirt tastes like shit. My throat hurts. My tongue hurts. The rest of my mouth has also filed complaints. It has been a terrible horrible no good very bad day.

Tomorrow at 8:00am they unplug me from the chemo pump. I won’t have another session for 21 days (maybe, by then, I’ll be in Australia). No idea how long it will take for the chemo to wash itself out of my system, but I will be drinking lots and lots and lots of water in the hopes of promoting that. But I promise you, and myself, that this stuff is not going to defeat me.

It’s 4:42pm, and I’m off to bed.