Learning to cope with the pump.


Worked out some strategies last night. I thought about the pump-and-port arrangement: everything except the pump itself is either IV line or package sealing tape, and I was okay to shower with that after the port was installed. So I unhooked the codpiece, reeled out lots of IV line, and used the codpiece strap to hang the device over the shower curtain rod, outside of the curtain. I have a hand-held shower, so once the water was warm I was able to get only certain parts of myself wet and soaped and rinsed — including my hair. Oh, bliss! But please don’t tell Draconis Audrey.

Somehow the IV tube in the codpiece slid around during the night, so that a connector ended up lying on top of the On/Off button, and in my sleep I rolled over on it and turned the entire gizmo off. This I discovered at 1:30 when I rose, as I usually do, to inspect the plumbing arrangements. I turned it back on and reported it (after this morning’s radiation) to Corinna at Kaiser — she’s the hip chemo nurse that doesn’t deliver Talkings To. We agreed that the gizmo was working fine, that I would go in tomorrow as planned, and if I had to wait around until the current dose of 5-FU is used up so that she can insert the next dose, that’s okay.

Yesterday, fortuitously, this showed up, and I wore it today. It was greatly appreciated.

Wonder Woman t-shirtStill tremendously tired, mostly because after I discovered that the pump was off last night, I lay awake for what seemed like hours, listening for the small buzz it makes every 60 seconds as it delivers another dose.