Exhaustion sets in, and it’s early days yet. Phooey.


Rethinking my clever shower work-around, since apparently “don’t get it wet!” includes tubing, tape, the whole works. Oh well, nothing harmed and at least I’ll be somewhat cleaner by the time we get to Saturday.

Yesterday I took an (approved) Ambien at bedtime and zonked for the entire night. The downside is that it zonked me for much of today, too. I hadn’t realized how much concentration it would take simply to drive, which for me is usually as difficult as breathing. Radiation, then into Kailua so they could swap out the empty FU-5 pack for a full one, and back home, where I had to miss a lunch meeting with the yarn group because I was too tired. Napped for a couple of hours, still feel drained.

So far this has been the major, and only, side-effect from the treatment, and I am very much hoping that it will lessen in time. The idea of going through another 5 weeks of constant exhaustion is … exhausting.

Oh, yeah, the problem with the dryer is either that the circuit breakers are fried, or the 220v outlet is fried. But Peg did my laundry for me today (that is, tomorrow) so I won’t be too obnoxious to be around. Sisterhood in indeed powerful. And Burny will take a look at the system soon and advise on what needs to be done.

I found the flooring I want. It will be on sale at Costco starting 6/12, and Steve is set to go up to Kailua with me to pick it up. Then major flooring action takes place, and then I get my bedroom back — and not a minute too soon.