Closer, closer, closer


Great news! I start radiation on Monday, and chemo on Tuesday. I am tremendously excited — it’s like finally setting out on a journey after all the endless nitpicks and preparations. I know that they still have some hoops they want me to jump through, but the hoops won’t delay the start of treatment.

In the meantime, my house is a complete jumble. Steve pulled the carpet and pad out of the bedroom and scrubbed everything down with vinegar and water. Today it was finally dry enough to lay down a coat of sealer/primer — oil based, so it stinks. I need to visit Home Depot this week-end and pick up 3 gallons of floor & deck paint. It will stink, too, but with luck this will all be done by the time Caitlin arrives.

My bedroom is scattered through the rest of the house. The dryer is still out of commission and sitting on the floor of the second bedroom, and is going to stay there until the repair man shows up next week. The cat feeding station is atop the kitchen counter, because otherwise Abby scarfs down their food, and there is little in the world as bad-smelling as cat-food breath on a dog. I have a big pot of chicken vegetable soup to freeze.

My yarn peeps have gifted me with home-made socks and a wildly colored pair of hand-knitted slippers and matching hat — it’s sure to be cold during radiation, and these will help keep me from freezing. After I finish with Home Depot, I’ll stop at Costco and bring down a haunch of dog kibble and fresh veggies, to start juicing. The veggies, not the dog kibble. If you hear of me eating dog kibble, an intervention will definitely be called for.

You just get ready, cancer. The ass-kicking is about to commence.