My support team.


Most of the chemo side-effects are draining away, except for the exhaustion and my mouth being paved with sores. That’s okay, I’m not currently using it to eat anyway (except for gak gak gak gak) or to talk much. Did manage a soft scrambled egg the other evening.

Burny came by and replaced the circuit breakers for the dryer, which is working again now. The man is a saint. Yesterday he drove me to chemo and then to Costco, where we bought the flooring for the bedroom, which Steve and Nancy are currently installing. I love this stuff. It’s a laminate, and the panels just click together, no glue, no fuss, no muss. I expect to be sleeping in my own bed in three days, just in the nick of time.

No word from my supervising attorney.

Last Monday, Michelle snapped a photo of me and my home support team, as I lay crashed out after radiation. I am being well taken care of.

Support Team 2