Jumping through hoops for Hawaii Ag.

First hoop: a new rabies vaccination and certificate. $$

Second hoop: blood sample off to a special lab in Kansas to do a titre test for rabies. $$$

Third hoop: wait 120 days from the titre test for permission to bring Jack to Hawaii. This date comes up on April 10th.

Fourth hoop: the vet manages to dig up a copy of the original 2006 rabies vaccination certificate for Jack. Hawaii requires proof of at least two.   Adobe Animal Hospital — they are the best!

Fifth hoop: fill out the Dog & Cat Import Form.

Sixth hoop: learn Alaska Airline’s requirements for traveling with a pet and comply with them.

Seventh hoop: make airline reservations. $$$

Hoops 1-7 cleared!

More hoops reported as they are overcome, but it looks like come May 1st, I will be flying home with the cat o’ my heart. In the meantime, more practicing patience. I hate practicing patience. You’d think that after all this practice I’d be better at it, but no…


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