My container arrived today!

Container!Isn’t it just about the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen? It will be even lovelier when it’s empty, and I’ll wave goodbye to it on Monday.

My books! My bookcases! My artwork! My music! My comfortable furniture! My dining table! My clothes! My cat tree! My beautiful Pfaff and my quilting fabrics and thread and rotary cutter and cutting mat and ribbons and quilt pattern books! My towels! My sheets! My STUFF!

I feel as though I’ve been camping out for the past two and a half weeks, even though I have a comfortable bed and a good computer desk and some wooden chairs on loan from my sister, but I am so excited about My Stuff that I think I’ll need some help sleeping tonight — especially since the unloading crew is showing up at seven tomorrow morning!

Heavens. I think I’ve use up my month’s allotment of exclamation marks in a single post.

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