The wind at Ocean View

From a few days ago.

The usual mid-day wind came up at, you guessed it, mid-day, but for a wonder it died down in the afternoon, and the day has been clear and sunny — clear enough so that I could see the cloud shadows on the Pacific far below. And, as another consequence, I’ve been driven inside by the mosquitoes. Usually the wind rushes them off, or blows them to Na’alehu, but not tonight.

I thought the afternoon winds in Petaluma were strong, but they can’t compete. The trades come bellowing in, divide on the other side of the mountain, then meet, slam! right on top of my house. When I was here in March of last year, they treated us to a real, tree-uprooting show, howling imprecations and rattling anything not cemented down. I’m nuts enough to have loved it, although I don’t think I could take day upon day of it. I tried to upload a clip I took during that wind storm, but haven’t learned  that bit of WordPress magic. Besides, the clip hardly does it justice.

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