A satisfactory day

All in all, quite a satisfactory day. Woke betimes, broke my fast, and put in a solid 4+ hours of office work online, ending with a long telephone conversation with my supervising attorney, during which many things were discussed and many actions advanced.

Then lunch, then a bit of sister-time, then I used my current favorite present-to-myself:

Power drill

I have been faunching after one of these for years, but was always put off by “now, now, little girl, you don’t need a light-weight power drill, you can use my 85-pound model.” The hell I could, So I bought myself one and this afternoon, I installed a closet rod all by myself! Not the loveliest installation known to god or man, but by damn it holds the clothes off the floor in a very satisfactory way. Next week, I’ll put in another one on the other side of the closet. Also, finally got a street number sign up: bought the number decals and with some help from Peg and Burny, I am now legally identified as per HOVE regulations.

And a couple of hours on the lanai, swinging in the Sky Chair reading. For dinner, cheese and spinach ravioli in a marinara sauce, and a nice glass of wine.

Am I good? Oh yes, damn good.

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