The stuff I’ll miss, part 1



I’ve been pretty happy in Petaluma these past 23 years and there will definitely be things I will miss about it after I move. Luckily, moving to the Big Island is not like banishment and I will always be able to come back, and see some of the sights that brought me special pleasure.

One is Ganesha, to the right. Every holiday season, he sports shiny-bright holiday bulbs from arms, hands, and trunk. They go very well with the delicately raised foot, about to take the first step of a dance. The decorations usually stay up for a couple of months, so I’m pretty sure these will come down soon.


This is not so much a favorite sight as it is a sadly missed opportunity to make some fun. I pass the Moose lodge at least twice a day, and each time I am filled with the urge to arrive some moonless midnight and hang another rectangular sign just below the one that says MOOSE.

Mine would say SQUIRREL.

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