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My name is Marta Randall. I am a writer, editor, and teacher, working mostly in the field of science fiction and fantasy.

Like most writers, I have always been a storyteller and can’t remember a time when stories didn’t bubble around in my head, stories about everything from what was going on around me to daring exploits in exciting surroundings, fraught with danger and adventure — I wasn’t going to be the one stuck at home baking cookies, I was going to be the one balancing on the raft in the lashing seas, gripping the mast with one hand while the other held on to the cookies somebody else had baked.

I hope you like the stories that, over the years, have bubbled out of my head and onto the page.


The River South ebook coverI am delighted to announce the publication of The River South from digital-first publisher Endeavour in Britain, and available everywhere on Amazon. The second book in the Riders Guild series, this is the story of Iset Kievesdaughter, whose mother left her in the Riders Guildhall as an infant, and whose father is unknown. She’s rebellious and impertinent, but that doesn’t explain why somebody wants her dead, although somebody does. Rescued by her mother’s old colleague Daenet Rider and Kyst, his Lord, Iset voyages with them down the broad river that runs through the middle of Cherek as she struggles to confront the mysterious talent developing within herself.

Their journey from the river deeper into Cherek, further attempts on Iset’s life, and a chance meeting with her mother’s own apprentice Pyrs Rider, lead them into danger and adventure, and lead Iset into a beginning mastery of the strange talent that has been growing within her.

This is my first novel in more years than I want to contemplate. Any review you care to post on Amazon and/or Goodreads will be very much appreciated.

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