Living room’s unpacked. I think.


Dish Network (or whatever they call themselves) was installed today, by a nice young man from Kailua who sports the usual surfer’s tan and pale hair. He was prompt and efficient, set everything up (including the new TV set), explained everything, and took off.

Most of the art is up in the living room and the furniture’s in place, so that’s one room I can cross off the list. The dining room’s pretty minimal but also essentially done. More work to do in the rest of the house, but the feeling of progress is wonderful. Look, Ma, I’m nesting!

One unsettling development today was the discovery that my current power bill is over $200. This was followed by the discovery that the most recent payment was not received, and I think I know what the problem is. The power is in The Respondent’s name, but I’m trying to pay it through a bank account that is mine alone. I don’t understand why the power company (which glories in the name of HELCO) should give a damn who pays an account as long as it gets paid, but they’re not the only ones. So I’ll spend time on the phone on Monday getting this all straightened out, and keeping my fingers crossed that they don’t demand a new deposit. I mean, hell, I’ve been paying this bill since ’09. But sufficient unto the day are the annoyances thereof. I’m off to play with my new TV.

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