Still on the carousel


According to the most recent medical visit, all is proceeding as planned. I’m supposed to call the clinic in Honolulu and make an appointment for a PET scan — not looking forward to a day of travel, starvation and being peered at by machines. I’ll also admit to a touch of fear: if anything on the scan lights up, I have no idea what they’ll want to put me through next, and whether I’ll want to go along with it. I believe that they can’t radiate me anymore, but I don’t know if there’s a comparable limit to chemo, and I am not a fan.

Another long period with nothing much to report. I’m on the side-effects carousel, with some falling off the sides, some climbing back on, and some new ones showing up. So far, chemo-related depression and loss of appetite are the side-effects of the past few days, but I’m not worried about the first (since I know what’s causing it) and the docs aren’t worried about the second.

I missed the hurricane. It started to rain very hard in the afternoon but nothing exceptional. When I went to bed it was raining hard enough to convince me that I had left the space heater on – it’s a very loud space heater, doing its business while rattling and roaring away. All the exciting stuff, lightning and thunder etc., started after midnight, but I was zonked. Looks like the Hilo side took the brunt of the storm. There are benefits to living on the leeward side of the island: Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa are two of them, as they preside over our weather and decide what will and will not be allowed through, and in what quantities.

I also missed the primary election, which took place yesterday,  Saturday. Don’t know why Hawai’i doesn’t hold its elections on Tuesday as the gods intended, but I hope they have a good excuse. This is the first election I have missed since I turned 21 and I am not happy about it.

On the other hand, I just spotted the first Java finch I have seen on my property, so there’s that.