Sitz baths and tea-bags.


dormouse-wonderland_BW_optWell, that was unexpected and unpleasant. The Insomnia Fairy visited last night, but despite that I rose in good form this morning and drove myself to radiation, and had that, and visited with the doc, and started home and felt suddenly blind-sided by weariness. I thought it might be the absence of breakfast, and actually felt like eating same, so stopped off at the Coffee Shack and had their french toast on homemade luau bread (soft, with bits of mac nut in it), but was only able to down a quarter of a piece. Drove home clinging to the steering wheel. Weary beyond description, and also queasy (I took one of my anti-nausea pills). I had hoped that the passing of most of the chemo from my body would take with it some of the more unwelcome side-effects, but apparently not.

For relief of my nether regions, Dr. Gemer suggested a warm sitz bath with a teabag in it. Alice in Wonderland, anybody?